Face-Fit testing made easy

To comply with law and for tight fitting Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) to be effective it needs to fit the users face and provide a proper seal.

Everyone’s faces are different so it is unlikely that one single type or size of RPE will fit and fully protect all wearers. Therefore face fit testing is needed to ensure that the supplied RPE is suitable and effective for the wearer. 

We offer Qualitative (QLT) face fit testing, which is suitable for wearers of half face mask RPE and disposable face masks.

If you are looking for Face Fit Tester Training so that you or your employees can perform Qualitative Face Fit Testing, we strongly recommend going with an approved fit2fit training course provider

We use a market leading 3M or JSP face fit testing kit and our testers are trained through a Fit2Fit approved training course and experienced in The Qualitative Testing Method.

The testing process involves:

  1. Toolbox Talk – to the users, explaining the process and the purpose of the test, this also includes information and instruction about the chosen RPE.
  2. Sensitivity test – to determine the participants sensitivity to the solution.
  3. Fit test – which involves the user wearing their individual RPE, then various simple exercises are undertaken to test the seal of the RPE against the wearers face (i.e. moving head up and down, side to side)
  4. Results – following the test if the wearer doesn’t taste any of the solution, the RPE is deemed to be fitting properly.

What is the outcome of the test?

After the test has taken place the RPE will receive either a pass or invalid result.

If the result is invalid, alternative RPE may need to be tested, if its a pass a certificate will be issued valid for 2 years.

Please Note: The wearers MUST be clean shaven for the test, the test will not be carried out with any sign of stubble.

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